Arial Beel

Day Trip to Arial Beel

The name ‘Arial Beel’ came in mind when Abir asked, “Where can we go for a trip that is not far from Dhaka?” It might have occurred to me because I knew some of my friends had gone there by bicycle a few days ago. Anyways, the main point is we could find a place to visit. When I started searching for the available routes to go there, the easiest way I could find was by bus that goes to Mawa. You can also go directly by the river. But I had something else in my mind. I already knew that the condition of Dhaka-Mawa Highway was not that good at that time. Although now it’s fixed. So I asked my friends about the cycle route they had taken. They couldn’t give me enough information. However, I thought of following that path without worrying much about what to come. In the group, many were asking about where we were going. I just told them that we were going via Bosila but didn’t know how to go from there.

On a beautiful Friday morning, we arrived at the Mohammadpur bus stand one by one. Yaseen came at the end of all. He also had to take classes on Fridays. For that, it took him quite a while to get there as he had to manage stuff before leaving for the day. After that, without any delay, we got in a Leguna and started our journey for Bosila. Before everything, you need to know that we were eight of us in total for the trip. If most of us happen to meet together somewhere as a group, you won’t hear anything other than the sound of our laughter. The leguna dropped us at the leguna stand of Bosila. It didn’t take long to get there. Arriving there, we started asking around, and then we crossed a bridge standing over a canal that had almost dried up and took CNG. The next destination was Bhawar VT bus stand. I heard that we could get a bus from there.

We got in two CNGs, four persons in each. On the way, the beauty of Keraniganj didn’t seem bad. Rather I liked it. There in the small ponds, the number of immersion rites of the idols of the Hindu goddess is eye-catching. It is surprising to think that there is something like that right next to a mega city like Dhaka. So I can say that the CNG ride was not that bad. We reached our destination just before the Jummah prayer.

Arriving at the destination, I became frustrated because we hadn’t come very far from Dhaka, and in comparison to that, our travel cost was higher. But more importantly, my plan for avoiding the lousy road failed. The road ahead of us was that horrible road. What else could we do! On the other side of the way, we had lunch at a typical restaurant, and then we offered our Jummah prayer and waited for the bus.

Amid the scorching heat of the sun, the bus dropped us off on the highway. Such a beautiful 

Arial beel_2

road it was! There were not many vehicles on the road. But the heat of the sun was too intense. There was a doubt in my mind – would we be able to enjoy wandering around the beel in that extreme heat. I wanted it to rain. The pouring rain would create such a pleasing rhythm in the water of the beel. But no, there was no rain. We had nothing but the intense heat of the sun.

Arial Beel_3

We crossed the road a little ahead of where we were dropped off and took two autos. It took five to ten minutes to arrive at the bazaar. But the villages on both sides of the road caught our eyes. The autos crossed a bridge and dropped us off. Most of the shops in the market were closed, maybe

because it was Friday. We sat under the shed of a closed shop. Some were busy taking pictures. In the meantime, a boatman came to talk to us. As we were talking to him, two or three more came to us to discuss. An argument started between them as to who would let us spend more time in his boat for less money. But we got on the boat of the one who spoke at the beginning. We got on a little later after the sun had gone down a bit. The name of the boatman was Arshad. It was an engine-driven boat with a tourist type shed. Not bad, but it would have been better if there were no sound of the engine.

Arial Beel_4

We bought some chips and cold drinks and started our journey. “Ok! Is this the Arial Beel?” – I thought. “No, the beel is further ahead. We aren’t there yet.” – Arshad vai said, and from his words, I understood that it was like a branch river or something. But quite beautiful. We could see some village houses on both sides. Like we used to read in the book – a quiet and peaceful place to live, covered in the shadows of trees. It was nice to see one thing – almost every house had a dock, and they use boats to get from one home to another. We reached the beel as we were watching those quiet houses amidst the dense trees.

A raft of white clouds in the blue sky of autumn was above us, and below was the calm blue water of the beel. Here and there, we could see some trees and grass entangled together like bushes. How beautiful! Such a contrast of green, white, and blue seems to be possible only in Bangladesh. We couldn’t 

Arial Beel_5

decide which way to go as all around it was beautiful. We got off on an island-like place.We took some pictures there and got on the boat again. Abir told the boatman to stop the engine for a while. Ah! How peaceful it was! There was no sound around, absolute silence. Only water and green trees all around. And in the midst of that, we were sitting quietly in the boat. The fact that the song of silence is so melodious can’t be understood if you don’t visit such places. We came back at the dock just before the sunset.

Arial Beel_6

Getting off, we didn’t waste any time. Quickly we took CNG and came back to the main road. It was only after the Maghrib Azan. Before dark, we got on a bus, and in about an hour, we reached Gulistan. That beautiful day ended with having an evening meal at Rajdhani Hotel.

Here I will try to give a summary of how you can go there and how much it will cost you for your convenience.

  • Route – 1:


  • Route – 2:
  • Route – 3:

Other than these, you can also go to Gadighat directly from Dhaka Sadarghat. From there, you can rent a boat to roam around the beel.

Arial Beel_7

*)Before renting a boat, make sure to bargain a little. We fixed it for about 3 hours at 750 takas. After coming back, we gave the boatman 50 takas more as a tip.

*) It’s better not to use ‘Route – 2’. Route 1 and 3 are suitable for commuting.

*)The lunch was not mentioned here. If you choose Route 1 or 2, then you have to eat at any restaurant of Gulistan or Vawar VT bus stand because there is no hotel open for food on Fridays at lunchtime. I can’t tell you about the other days. And if you choose Route – 3, then you won’t have to worry about the food.

The appropriate time to travel : July to October

Contact : If you choose Route 1 and 2, then you might get help from the contact number of the boatman Arshad vai.

Arshad vai : +880 199 5364316

Date of Travel : September 6, 2019

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