Our Story

About Us

Our Story

Traveler’s Bin was created in June 2020 by a travel-loving group of friends. We have been travelling together for many years, and before going on a tour we usually tend to research on the place, how we can get there, how much it will cost, what to eat etc. But it is not easy to find all the correct information in one place. So, one day, one of us came up with a plan to build a website where people could find all the travel related information they need and a list of exciting places they are yet to visit. In one fine evening, he shared his plan with the rest of us. We agreed with him and thus Traveler’s Bin was born.

Our Mission

Our mission is all about encouraging people to travel more and making backpacking easier and safer for everyone. We will help you to come up with the best and most affordable tour plan through our travel blogs, pictures, videos and in-depth gear reviews.


Our Goal

Our goal is to showcase the most beautiful and exotic places around the world. We focus on how we can travel without destroying nature. We will help to introduce you to the people of different and versatile culture you will find while you travel and how to interact with them to make global friendship. We will also provide you with the necessary gears you might need to travel at a low cost.

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